Job Description

Department: Operations

Reporting To: Regional Manager

Location: Branch Office

Profile: Graduate/MBA/MSW with good communication and leadership skills.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Manage the microfinance operations at the branch level:

  • Supervise the work of CREs at the branch level.
  • Motivate CREs to form new SHGs and increase savings for ASPL.
  • Conduct GRT and help CREs in planning for CGTs
  • Responsibility of loan sanction, recovery , formation of new group
  • Coordinate field visits of field staff and schedule for one full month in advance.
  • Monitor center meetings and record keeping by CREs
  • Handle 3000 – 3500 clients and a portfolio of Rs. 400 – Rs.600 Lakhs.

2. Reporting :

  • Daily reporting to RM on collection from all CREs and bank deposit made.
  • Regularly maintain branch level registers and reports and train new branch staff in preparing reports
  • Reporting to head office weekly as per format
  • Monthly updated loan o/s report client wise and consolidated statement as per format.

3. HR and Accounts Management at the branch level:

  • Maintain discipline with staff on timing of working, maintain and make regular update DCB.
  • Tally cash and regular depositing in the bank on the same day
  • Maintain Cash Book regularly.
  • Conduct weekly staff meetings.
  • Assist the head office team/HR team in identifying new CREs.
  • To do performance evaluation of all staff at the branch level to submit to HO to CEO

4. Monitoring and Planning:

  • To prepare branch business plan.
  • Credibility check of clients through other sources and conduct loan utilization checks on regular intervals.
  • Schedule centre meetings- Random sample checking minimum 5 to 6 meetings every day.
  • Visit to delinquent Account on a regular basis and month end reporting to HO on bad loan account.
  • Manage relationships with community leaders, police and other administrative authorities.
  • Conduct new village/slum survey and suggest new area and product for expansion

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