Our Products

Group Loans

ASPL provides loans to women who are organised in groups either in SHGs or in JLGs. Group lending helps the women to socially come together to find out the solution to their financial requirements by way of becoming mutual guarantors to every member of the group and jointly having access to financial services.

Women Entrepreneurship Loan

For women who have started their small businesses and want to expand the same for such entrepreneurs, ASPL provides loans up to 1 Lac. It is a collateral-free loan.

Mortgage Loan

The mortgage loan amount ranges from 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs offered to small and medium-sized businesses to grow their business to the next level. The tenure ranges from 4 to 7 Years and repayments are weekly to bi-weekly basis.

Water and Sanitation Loan

Adequate sanitation, hygiene, and Safe and affordable drinking water are critical aspects of a healthy human life. With an intent of providing enhanced quality of life equipped with hygienic and safe facilities of water and sanitation, ASPL brings Water & Sanitization loans.

Consumer Loans

ASPL provides loans for consumer products so that our members should buy products like washing machines, refrigerators or other white goods.

Agriculture Loans

We provide loans for agriculture purposes, Agri-investment, and Agri allied activities to farmers. It is a secured loan depending upon the requirement of the farmer.

How We Do It?

ASPL operates as a business correspondent partner with major banks & financial institutes in Maharashtra and has successfully adopted both Self- help group (SHG) and Joint liability group (JLG) models while working with its partner banks and financial institutions. ASPL assesses the credit requirement of the SHG/JLG members and evaluates their credit history, historical and current cash flows, and the sustainability of their ongoing economic activities. ASPL offers a loan to each woman and will be
ranging from 30,000 INR to 50,000 INR repayable within 18 to 24 months.

ASPL is responsible for each and every field activity of the lending process right from identification of the members, formation of group & giving them training. Banks provide the loans to groups directly while ASPL collects the EMI on monthly basis and deposits it to the concerned bank branch.

Compulsory group training is one of the key services in which we provide information on group discipline, terms and conditions of the loan, interest rate – fees, repayment period and EMI etc. followed by credit appraisal & group recognition test to verify and check the cash flow along with repayment capacity of the family. After completion of credit check and verification processes, Loan applications are filled and the same applications are submitted to the respective Bank branch for sanctioning of the loan. After sanctioning the loan ASPL staff will assist the group and branch for smooth disbursement of the loans. The loan will be disbursed through bank transfer to the respective member’s Banks account.

Once the loan is disbursed loan officers conduct the loan utilization check to verify the loan amount is used for the stated purpose only. The loan officer’s visit to the group is at the pre-decided date and time to collect the scheduled repayment amount. Acknowledgement receipts with the details are provided to the customers on receiving the repayment amount.

Field officers deposit the cash into the group’s loan account. ASPL as a Business Correspondent to Banks & Financial institutes follow the guidelines and fair practices as set out by the Bank and aims at communicating the process of the company as a Self-Disciplinary and Self-Regulatory mechanism.