Job Description

Department: Operations

Reporting To: Zonal Manager

Location: ASPL’s Regional Office locations

Profile:Frequent field travel

Key Responsibilities:

1. Operations Management at the Unit level:

  • Market research: Manage the market research activity for both branch expansion and product development.
  • Branch Setup and Management: Roll out and manage branches in the Unit.
  • Handle 5 – 7 branches, 17500 – 25000 members and a portfolio of Rs.20.00 – Rs.40.00 crores.
  • Approve all loan proposals in the Unit above Rs. 15,000.
  • Monitor loan centre meetings in the Unit.

2. HR Management:

  • Identify human resource requirements and manage the recruitment activity for field personnel in the Unit.
  • Conduct performance appraisals for Branch Managers and oversee the appraisal process for all CREs in the Unit.

3. Financial Management:

  • Prepare and manage the operational budget for the Unit in line with the business plan.
  • Oversee and be responsible for all accounts associated with operations

4. Reports to Head Office / Area Office:

  • Prepare and send the necessary daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Prepare funds and assets requisition requests.
  • Attend meetings at the HO/Area office.

5. Community relationships

  • Manage relationships with community leaders, police and other district level administrative authorities.
  • Coordinate periodic promotional activities for MFI products.

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